Common Challenges When Looking For An SEO Expert


Search engine optimisation is a critical aspect of online marketing. Companies have recognised the benefits of SEO and are shifting some of their resources to engage in online marketing campaigns. With a lot of potential to take advantage of online marketing, companies will often hire the services of an expert to help them manage the search engine optimisation. However, for companies just starting an online marketing campaign, looking for an SEO expert has some challenges. These challenges can prevent the company from taking full advantage of the potential of online marketing. One of these challenges is that they may not have in-house designers so you may need to contact a brand identity agency like Outre Creative to help. They will help design aspects of the campaign that an SEO company wouldn’t be able to do. Here are the common challenges you will encounter when looking for an SEO expert.

  1. Freelance or agency – SEO experts can either belong to a search engine optimisation agency or they are freelancers. If you are trying to save on cost, hiring a freelance SEO expert would be the correct choice. On the other hand, SEO agencies have their reputation to manage and would provide better results. There are a lot of freelancers who offer search engine optimisation so with careful search, you can find an affordable SEO expert who can provide quality service.
  2. Online or local – When it comes to search engine optimisation, only a handful of experts can be present in your local area. It might reflect to the cost and quality of the results. On the other hand, online SEO freelancers amount to thousands which make them compete for clients and make sure that they can deliver great results. It is easier to trust a local SEO expert since you can meet if necessary. Meanwhile, online SEO professionals can only communicate through the internet or phone which might be a problem if the SEO expert decided to back out from the arrangement.
  3. Long-term or short-term – When looking for an SEO expert, consider if you are willing to go long-term on your online marketing campaign. An SEO expert might only offer a startup service while others offer long-term contracts to help you manage the campaign.
  4. Cost or quality – Oftentimes, cost is directly proportional to the service you’ll be getting. This is also applicable to search engine optimisation since most SEO experts with higher rates often provide the quality service while cheaper SEO freelancer are sometimes amateurs and just starting to engage on SEO.
  5. Package or Specific – SEO experts will either offer packages or one-time service. If you are confident that you can effectively run your online marketing campaign without any expert help, then it is better to get a one-time service to save money. On the other hand, packages would often include maintenance and upgrades which is perfect for companies which are planning to run long-term online marketing campaigns.

When you decide to engage in online marketing, make sure to consider an Hampshire SEO expert to assist you in search engine optimization.

Important Factors That Made SEO To Evolve In 2015/16

According to SEO experts (SEOSurrey), search engine optimisation continues to evolve. In fact, SEO experts have to change their strategies and approach in search engine optimization every couple of months. The ability to adopt to the changes in SEO is important to maintain the efficiency of the online marketing campaign and get sufficient positive results. There are a lot of factors which forces search engine optimisation to evolve. Here are the important factors that made SEO to evolve.

  1. Search engine algorithms – This is the most crucial factor that forces SEO to evolve regularly. Search engine algorithms is the standard or measure which search engines rank different websites and web pages. Search engines regularly change their algorithms to avoid websites to get high rankings illegally. Once the algorithm of a major search engine changes, SEO experts will automatically change and adopt their SEO strategies.
  2. Mobile technology – Unlike the past decade where online marketing or internet itself is only accessible through a computer or laptop, mobile technology has progressed to a point where phones are now capable of using internet just like a computer or a laptop. Such rapid rise of mobile technology forced SEO experts and online marketers to make websites mobile compatible to exploit its marketing potential.
  3. Digital marketing – SEO used to focus on articles as the primary content. However, with the increase popularity of video contents, SEO is now incorporating video contents with articles to maximize the result.
  4. Social media marketing – Just like digital marketing, social media marketing has now expand to a point where it impacts how search engine optimization is done. There are a lot of social media sites being used by people around the world. These social media sites create platforms for people to promote products, services or simply get in touch with acquaintances or people with similar interests around the world.
  5. Link building – Link building is also one of the primary factors for SEO. Links increase a website reputation and credibility especially if the links are from high page ranking sites. Links should be relevant which means that the niche of the website and the website it is linking should be the same or similar.
  6. Backlinks – Backlinks are opposite to links. This is when a website is linking your website or webpage. Backlinks weigh more than links when it comes to affecting search engine rankings.
  7. Long-tail keywords – Single keyword or 2-3 words key phrases are not the only factors affecting SEO. Key phrases which can reach up to 5 to 10 words are now important in SEO. These key phrases are also called long-tail keywords.

So now you know the important factors that made SEO to evolve over time.

Hiring an local SEO consultant over an agency

SEO is changing constantly. What worked last year, has completely changed in 2015. Checkout the below infographic, superb infographic from Ontarget. Thanks for the heads up on this one Gareth (SEO Consultant).




How Infographics Can Help Boost Your SEO Efforts

While a blog post or an article may provide a lot of information, it can sometimes be too much for readers to digest, especially when a lot of numbers and statistics are involved. On the other hand, an infographic can offer the same amount of information presented in a visual and easy to understand format. For SEO purposes, however, many people argue that an infographic does not have any value.

It is true that search engines can’t read infographics, much less know what they are about, but what is important is that you target audience can read and understand them. If your readers find your presentation informative and relevant, they will share it, giving you a lot of links in the process. This way, your SEO efforts will get a much welcome boost.

It is no secret that site visitors won’t bother to wait for a slow-loading site. They want to get the information they need instantly. Search engines are aware of this; that is why one of the factors considered in page ranking is page loading time. An infographic addresses this concern. It presents information in a straightforward manner, making it a more interesting read than a wordy article or blog. In addition, it is more eye-catching because of the graphics and attractive design.

Infographics, basically, are link baits. It means they are created specifically to be interesting enough to capture and retain visitors’ attention. One of the main functions of SEO is to build as many inbound links leading to your site as possible. If you create infographics that are interesting and attractive enough, people can easily get your message. When this happens, you can enjoy a lot of back links because many of your readers will share what they find in your site.

This, however, does not mean that infographics are guaranteed to be successful link baits just because they are intended to be. It is important that your infographic is of high quality. Simply putting together a bunch of images sprinkled with lots of stats will not cut it. You can kiss all hopes of making it go viral if that is how you do it. A lot of research and hard work are keys to creating a share-worthy infographic.

So, if you intend to make an infographic for your website, might as well do it the right way. Decide on a topic to focus on and make it attractive to readers. Hire a professional infographic design agency to do it for you if you think you are not equipped with the necessary skills for the job. Once your infographic is ready, you can use social media to gain a wider reach. Begin by sharing your work to the right contacts, and when they like what they see, they will most likely share it to their respective networks.



The Art of Search Engine Optimisation

There’s a popular joke that says if you want to hide something, you should put it on the second page of Google results — no one will think of looking there! Sadly, for web developers, this has a ring of truth to it. Anybody who keeps a website dreads the thought of being so far down the list of search results that their target audience doesn’t even know they exist. Such a situation would be especially disastrous for those who do business online.

To prevent this from happening, you need to employ the art of search engine optimisation, or a specialist seo agency ( This will give your website the best possible chances of staying at the top of search engine results. Good SEO practices include the use of keywords, link building, and the creation of informative, relevant content.

Strategic Keyword Usage

SEO is often synonymous with strategic keyword usage. Keywords are what your target audience will type in the search box — and consequently lead them to find you. The rule here is that if you place the right amount of keywords in your website, search engine algorithms will see your site as a good match and bump you up in the results rankings.

Research should be done to find the best keywords related to your website, and these should be placed in the text, titles, and URLs of your Web pages. However, you must be careful not to overdo it: Search engines will mark your site as spam if you engage in keyword stuffing.

Constructive Link Building

Search engines also rely on the links that lead to a website to determine how it ranks against similar pages. The logic here is that if other sites refer to your webpage, it must be worth looking at. You can go about constructive link building through social media, or by writing guest posts on other websites that share similar interests. You can also ask other citizens to write reviews of your product or service that include a linkback to your site in exchange for free trials.

Fresh, Top Quality Content

While you go about generating keywords and links, you must never lose sight of the fact that you are ultimately making your website for people. After they use search engines to find you, you need to engage your target audience and keep them interested. As such, creating fresh, top quality content for your website is a must, whether it takes the form of informative articles or various types of multimedia.


SEO For Local Business

SEO for local businesses can be extremely hard to understand. From an experts point of view, it usually is quite easy, however from a beginners perspective it can be extremely tough to get the ball rolling. Searching through videos on YouTube may seem like a good start but more often than not you end up feeling more and more lost as you discover how much there actually is to know about search engine optimisation.

A good start would be to find a solid SEO program that is going to teach you pretty much everything you need to know at a certain level of expertise. I would recommend finding a beginners course whether it be online or in person to get a basic understanding of how things work. Moving forwards, from a local business standpoint this may be all you need to learn. As a local business owner knowing the ins and out of SEO isn’t a necessity so knowing what you NEED to know instead of knowing everything should be the end goal. It is important to look at what you want to achieve as a whole instead of just achieving everything there is to know about SEO.

Hugh Thomas, an SEO in Wales has spoken out on the issue regarding ‘learning too much’ by saying the following: “Although it is within our human instinct to learn more about many different topics, having the ability to focus on the end result and being able to step back and look at what you are actually doing is paramount to any SEO’s success”.

Finding information is easy, applying it can be very very hard indeed. Make sure that you’ve absorbed the information from this article and you apply it. There is no point learning any form of information if you aren’t going to apply it with your actions. Also another top tip from Tony Hilton: “Try to not get hung up on your Google rankings 24 hours a day. Looking at overall trends is more often than not the best way to analyse your data. So what if you move down to position 2 from one after 2 days? It may bounce back, if it doesn’t after say a week or two then look to change things up”. Well that concludes our focus for today’s topic, thanks for reading!

Six Important Tips for WordPress Plugin Maintenance

It is not an uncommon story: you set up your WordPress blog months ago, filled it up with content and designed it to your taste. More importantly, you added plugins and later on, you added more. One day, you take a look at the number of your installed plugins and you grimace at the list. You realize that having too many plugins or having several ones that are outdated can severely affect your website’s performance. It also opens your website to security vulnerability. To prevent this from happening, we have collected some valuable tips to keep your website well-maintained.

Keep WordPress Updated

As obvious as it may sound, it is not surprising at all that a lot of issues raised to us for support have something to do with running outdated versions of WordPress. All it takes is due diligence to get this done. WordPress has a built-in button into its dashboard that allows you to update it to the latest version.

Review Your Plugins’ Necessity

Some plugins reach the end of their usefulness. As time goes by, some plugins become unnecessary because they become a standard part of the WordPress package, which also comes with the updates. A good example is Pinterest. This may well be the craze months ago but if your content has only been pinned twice, you may need to re-evaluate if it is still necessary.

Check if Plugins Are Still Supported

Developers come and developers go. Some creators make specific programs that they need as an individual and post them for the whole world to use. Later on, they abandon this completely and those who subscribed will no longer receive support, causing the plugin to break apart. If the plugin was installed two years ago and there never was an update since them, check if it is still supported.

Delete Unused Plugins

As you move along, there will be plugins that are no longer important or are no longer useful. You need to delete these, or at least deactivate them for your own safety. A reduction in active plugins also boosts your website’s performance.

Update Active Plugins

After deactivating and deleting unnecessary plugins, it is time to update existing ones. All you have to do is to log in, check for updates, and update. Keeping your plugins updated minimizes security problems in the future and also ensures site functionality is smooth and efficient.

Back up Your Website

We recommend BackupBuddy from iThemes as a back-up provider, or outsource your WordPress Maintenance. It is important to back up your site and your active plugins in preparation to some unforeseen crash. Your hosting company may claim that they have a back-up system in place, it is always best that you are in control of this process.

Why Choosing a Local SEO Company Should Be Your Focus

Choosing a local SEO company should be your focus if you wish to rank higher in Google. You’ll find lots of good reasons. But first, it’s critical you understand the significance of local search engine optimisation.

Significance of Local SEO

Google is the main reason local search engine optimisation is important. The king of the search engines has given much focus to local search.

Optimising your website for local search lets you enjoy high-conversion leads for your business. You’ll be able to promote your brand or your products/services better. With high-conversion leads and direct connection, you can save on cost you’ll spend otherwise.

Hire a Local SEO Company

You have several advantages in hiring a local SEO company to do the job. Some of the most notable ones are the following:

  • It connects you with other local businesses that are also using their services. Through this connection, there’s always the possibility of starting beneficial relationships.
  • You get to enjoy stronger customer service. It is typical for local companies to forge close ties with their customers. You’ll find it more comfortable dealing with a company that operates in your locality.
  • Local SEO companies tend to know your business better. Familiarity with your business and the environment is an advantage in dealing with challenges.
  • It will be easy and convenient for you to visit the company in person should you find the need. Sometimes, there are things or strategies that you can discuss at length in person.

Choose the Right Local SEO Company

In choosing a local SEO Company, target to choose the right company. It may not be the best company in the area, but it can deliver the results you need or expect.

Here are some tips to help you find the right company:

  • Understand the basics of local SEO so you can negotiate from a position of strength.
  • See how the offer of the company matches your SEO goals.
  • Consult your friends or connections who have experienced working with a local SEO company.
  • Check the success stories of the company. See how the company is able to meet the expectations of its customers.
  • Test your comfort level in doing business with the company. Talk to them over the phone, or better yet, visit their physical location. Ask questions, and see how they respond.
  • Find out if the cost of their services is most reasonable. Avoid matching their services with your budget; it should be the reverse.
  • See if the company is willing to show you how it’s done. While there are trade secrets, a good company is transparent in its dealings. SEO Essex mention this on their website, which is a sign you should look for.

Enjoy the advantages of local search engine optimisation to rank high in Google. The way to succeed in getting results begins with choosing a local SEO Company.

How to Hire The Right Web Design Firm

web designing tips and ideas

Regardless whether you manage a small company, charitable organisation, or Fortune 500 company, selecting the most appropriate website design firm can easily become a full time research job. With a large number of design companies to select from, what factors truly determine which design firm is best for your company?

The most important factors for selecting a web design company are:

* Cost

* Customer service/accessibility to support

* Credibility indexes of the design business

* Portfolio and design expertise

* Other services offered (domain renewal, hosting, search engine optimization)

* Turnaround time

Let us investigate the best way to recognise and qualify the proper design company, and take a closer look at every thought in detail.


Like many products and services we buy, both professionally and personally, determining on a web design company can regularly come down to cost. However, the worth of the services is actually what is significant. A £200 web site generally turns out to look, feel and perform like a £200 web site. Web Design Farnham explain this well on their site.

The cost of the development of your site’s will depend on three variables: the characteristics of the website, the quantity of content, as well as the service choices contained with the design bundle, including hosting.

Here are a number of principles to utilize when establishing the validity and worth of a web design estimate because pricing varies by company:

* Does the quote state one all inclusive cost for the whole job?

* Is there a reoccurring monthly fee for hosting?

* Is the website custom built, or is it customization of an existent template?

* Is there a different fee for content development, including writing sales copy?

* Is domain name registration/direction contained in the bundle?

* Will the company provide multiple design theories, prior to real development?

It is vital that you compare estimates from at least three companies to, ascertain the worth of the services provided. Seeking the very best worth is very important in a competitive service marketplace.

Customer Service

There is not anything worse than signing using a company which provides a merchandise that is great, simply to discover they’re not possible to contact. Consistent, open contact by means of your web design business is essential for ensuring success prior to, during, and following your website is developed.

Through the design procedure, you can identify photographs, text, or contact information you want to modify before the website goes live. For those who have immediate questions affecting your website’s development, you will be happy to get immediate contact with customer support staff by phone, email, or live chat.

Choosing the Right Web Designer

know to hire the right web designer

So, you have eventually determined that you are in need of a web site for your company? Well, there are crucial-points to remember BEFORE you make one of the most important choices for your company.

Deciding on the best designer for your new company web site:

In regards to deciding on the best web designer for your website, you always need to shop around first to take a look at all the choices that are available. There are several web design businesses out there to select from. And a lot are quite proficient at what they do.

Constantly ask to see samples of a web designer’s previous work and analyze their portfolio. This will allow you to get a better feel for the fashion of websites any specific web designer is effective at doing. Most web designers of the time, have their very own special fashion and it is easy to see which designs they have done before. I mean, it is not dissimilar to any other artist’s design; you can surely see their preceding works on the basis of the overall layout, color scheme, and overall visual appearance of the websites.

Encounter is additionally an integral variable here. The same as every other craft, web designers get better with expertise. Naturally, you will be more fortunate by selecting a web designer who has more expertise under her or his belt.

Another crucial point you need to define is whether the web designer can cause you to be a 100% custom site. Or will it be only a basic template web design that 100’s or even 1,000’s of folks have across the Internet. Anybody these days can make a basic HTML web page in Microsoft Word or Publisher and alter its name to represent their Branson company. Nevertheless, you have to ask yourself: “is this actually what I am looking for”?

Web sites which are actually custom built will stand out the remaining fundamental template web designs that all these folks are using nowadays. A custom web design will capture the attention of your prospective customers and show them that you’ve got an internet presence that is truly professional and also you mean business.

Lots of web designers today pick to do the template web sites for one of 2 reasons:

It is more affordable to utilize a fundamental template web design. Your potential customers may be lacking the required skills needed to come up with a website that is completely custom. In any case might be, be sure to go with a designer who’s effective at developing a custom web design for you. It’ll necessarily cost you more for a custom website. But it’s completely worth the additional cash spent. Trust me, in the end you’ll be a lot more happy with your web site if it’s a website that is unique and created for only your company and not everybody.